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28 MAY 2018

CACAO BAR at Kyoto Store Is Now Officially Open!

DANDELION CHOCOLATE Kyoto store officially opened the world’s first CACAO BAR — to maximize the whole cacao experience — on June 8th of 2018. Reservations can be made by phone and on the website.

Along with chocolate making, we also make use of the whole cacao; the nibs are cacao beans crushed like nuts with a full-bodied rich flavor, and cacao pulp is the white fruit that contains the cacao bean (the seed). The CACAO BAR offers unconventional pairings of alcohol with desserts that fully express the uniqueness and allure of cacao beans.
The room is a combined kitchen, bar and counter, and eight exclusive guests are invited to the whole cacao experience: to fully awaken all five senses. The seasonal variations of the cacao and its bounty of flavors are expressed by the chef and bartender preparing desserts and paired drinks on the spot.

Enjoy pairings of cocktail with our new concept “desserts” that fully express the uniqueness and allure of single-origin cacao beans. We prepare non-alcoholic “mocktails” as well.

Banana Miso Bar

Banana Miso Bar 1,280 yen
A chilled white miso caramel and banana mousse cake served with chocolate sorbet.

Cocktail: porcini negroni
Mocktail: orange and genmaicha tonic

Bean to Bar Ice Cream 1,280 yen
Three scoops of ice cream representing various aspects of the cacao: pulp sorbet, nibs ice cream, and chocolate ice cream. Enjoy the distinct expression of flavors when tried with different toppings and paired beverages.
Cocktail: husk mariage Mocktail: herbal espresso with yuzu and sansho pepper

We are planning courses for our guests to partake in and further indulge in the act of pairing and enjoying cacao desserts and cocktails. Our commitment to the Bean to Bar concept has revealed this new side of cacao — even more alluring — and we invite you to become a connoisseur of its finest expression.
Price does not include tax.


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